Our Mission

Cook MedicalBloomington, Indiana  USA
Cook Medical, Bloomington, Indiana USA
Founded in 1963    |    1,000,000+ Square Feet    |    World Headquarters, Device Manufacturing
Cook MedicalBjaeverskov, DENMARK
Cook Medical, Bjaeverskov, DENMARK
Founded in 1969    |    82,000 Square Feet    |    Device Manufacturing
Cook Polymer TechnologyBloomington, Indiana  USA
Cook Polymer Technology, Bloomington, Indiana USA
Founded in 1969    |    183,500 Square Feet    |    Raw Materials Supplier
Cook MedicalSpencer, Indiana  USA
Cook Medical, Spencer, Indiana USA
Founded in 1977    |    160,000 Square Feet    |    Device Manufacturing
Cook MedicalBrisbane, Queensland AUSTRALIA
Cook Medical, Brisbane, Queensland AUSTRALIA
Founded in 1979    |    63,000 Square Feet    |    Device Manufacturing
Cook VascularVandergrift, Pennsylvania USA
Cook Vascular, Vandergrift, Pennsylvania USA
Founded in 1981    |    38,500 Square Feet    |    Device Manufacturing
K-Tube CorporationPoway, California USA
K-Tube Corporation, Poway, California USA
Founded in 1982    |    78,000 Square Feet    |    Stainless Steel Cannula Manufacturing
MED Institute, Inc.West Lafayette, Indiana USA
MED Institute, Inc. West Lafayette, Indiana USA
Founded in 1983    |    27,500 Square Feet    |    Clinical Research Organization
Cook EndoscopyWinston-Salem, North Carolina USA
Cook Endoscopy, Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA
Founded in 1983    |    77,000 Square Feet    |    Device Manufacturing
Cook MedicalLimerick, IRELAND
Cook Medical, Limerick, IRELAND
Founded in 1993    |    27,000 Square Feet    |    Device Manufacturing, Shared Service Center
Cook BiotechWest Lafayette, Indiana USA
Cook Biotech, West Lafayette, Indiana USA
Founded in 1995    |    55,000 Square Feet    |    Biotechnology
Cook MyoSitePittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Cook MyoSite, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Founded in 2001    |    Cell Therapy
Cook PharmicaBloomington, Indiana USA
Cook Pharmica, Bloomington, Indiana USA
Founded in 2004    |    427,000 Square Feet    |    Biopharma
Cook Medical IncorporatedBloomington, Indiana USA
Cook Medical Incorporated, Bloomington, Indiana USA
Founded in 2004    |    50,000 Square Feet    |    North American Shared Service Center
Cook MedicalCanton, Illinois USA
Cook Medical, Canton, Illinois USA
Founded in 2010    |    45,000 Square Feet    |    Device Manufacturing

Medicine may be a complex field, but there is nothing complicated about Cook Medical’s mission. On the contrary, our mission has and always will be quite simple:

“Cook is dedicated to bold leadership in pioneering innovative medical solutions to enhance patient care worldwide.”

It is a mission that every member of the Cook Medical family – from the sales and distribution staff to our experts in research, development and manufacturing – understands well and keeps firmly in sight.

At Cook Medical, disease is the only true rival. Patients, not shareholders, are the people who truly matter. Improving the lives of patients is the outcome we strive for.

Our commitment is to enable expertise, to expand knowledge, to fight disease and to make positive contributions to medicine.